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Gaining Restorative Sleep and Managing Pain

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Every person experiences some sort of physical pain which becomes more common with age, regardless of the cause whether it’s from the nerves, muscle and bone. Over the years, it’s been found out that this kind of pain becomes more widespread in people ages 50 and above! However, a new study shows that there’s another [...]

Losing Sleep and Gaining Weight

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When you’re tired, do you feel like your appetite also changes? Most people find that whenever they’re short on sleep, they tend to crave junk foods and sweets. Are you one of them? Turns out, this isn’t all in your head but it is in your brain too! In the past decades, obesity rates have [...]

The Signs of Chronic Stress

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Ellie, not her real name, is used to be an active teenager. When she went to college, she always joined clubs and was active in several extra-curricular activities. When she got her degree, she constantly kept herself busy, thinking that being busy meant she was on her way to being successful. Fast forward a few [...]

Long Distance: Making It Work

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They say distance is the worst hindrance a couple will ever encounter in their relationship. Those who have long distance relationships say it’s a lot of work with very little payoff. But don’t fret. Just because your significant other happened to be a thousand miles away from you doesn’t mean you couldn’t make it work. [...]

Anxious? Try Munching on These Stress-Busting Foods!

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Stress… no matter what we do, where we go, or who we’re with, stress is a consistent presence in any person’s life. There are different ways to deal with stress and for some, overeating is one way to help them cope. After all, how many TV shows have we seen featuring our favorite character turning [...]

Quitting Smoking and Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

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With the New Year come several resolutions that the average Joe desperately tries to stick with. There’s the “I need to spend more time with my family”, then there’s the “I need to go to the gym more often”. But there’s one resolution that countless of Americans try to fulfil: “I need to stop smoking”. [...]

Sleep Better Through Yoga

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Over the years, health enthusiasts and fitness experts have endorsed the countless health benefits of yoga. An ancient Indian practice, yoga has been attributed to preventing different diseases such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, arthritis and even mental illnesses. In fact, a recent study which was published in the Journal of Clinical [...]

Reducing Mental Health Issues in Teens

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  Many teens today are struggling with mental health issue, such as depression and anxiety. As many as 25% of 8 to 15 year olds in America experienced the effects of a mental health disorder within the past 12 months alone. A new study from Dr. Parricia Conrod of the University of Montreal, offers a [...]

8 Things to Know About Eating Disorders and Reproductive Health

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  It is commonly known that women suffering from eating disorders, or who have suffered from them in the past, are more likely to have reproductive problems. Two new studies, one from the Hjelt Institute in Finland and the other from King's College Institute for Psychiatry in London, provide some statistics to help show the [...]