Sad Girl Sitting Many teens today are struggling with mental health issue, such as depression and anxiety. As many as 25% of 8 to 15 year olds in America experienced the effects of a mental health disorder within the past 12 months alone. A new study from Dr. Parricia Conrod of the University of Montreal, offers a practical way to help reduce mental health issues in teens. The study, conducted in London schools, used group therapy (just two 90 minute sessions) to reduce the occurrence of mental health issues in teens by between 25% and 30%.



The study began by selecting participants from 19 schools in London. One control group did not receive any therapy. The other participants were evaluated for risk factors of mental health disorders, such as: impulsivity, sensitivity to anxiety, seeking sensations, and hopelessness. Those students who were at a high risk participated in two group therapy sessions–each lasting only 90 minutes. The sessions involved the use of scenarios, discussion of thoughts and emotions, identifying triggers, and learning ways to manage issues.

Participants were evaluated for instances of “depression, anxiety, panic attacks, conduct problems and suicidal thoughts” over the next two years. Instances of depression, bad conduct, and anxiety symptoms were reduced by 21%-26%. Teens who exhibited high risk of mental disorder, saw as much as a 36% decrease in the chance of having conduct problems. The study is being replicated on a larger scale in Montreal.

If you, or someone you know, is experiencing a mental health issue that you think may be helped by group therapy, please visit our group therapy page. We also offer other types of therapy including one on one and family counseling. Rebecca Ginder offers counseling for a variety of mental health disorders affecting teens today, including anxiety, depression, and anger management. For more information and help, please call Rebecca Ginder today at (561) 450-5255.