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A Few Tips on Being a Better Communicator

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It takes more to be a good communicator than to simply talk to someone; it is even more important to be a good listener. The way we talk (the tone and the words we choose) is important. Taking note of the other persons cues (both verbal and nonverbal), and attempting to gain understanding of their [...]

Group Therapy Can Improve Teen Mental Health

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A recent study conducted in England found that as few as two 90-minute group therapy sessions could reduce the rate of teen mental health issues by as much as 33 percent. The study included 19 high schools in the Greater London area, and included schools that had been trained to provide intervention therapy to high [...]

Child Behavioral Issues Linked to Sleep Habits

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New research from University College London published in the journal Pediatrics, suggests that there is a connection between the time a child goes to sleep and their behavior. Specifically, children who go to bed at the same time every night are more likely to be well-behaved when compared to children who go to bed at [...]

Sleep Better Through Yoga

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Over the years, health enthusiasts and fitness experts have endorsed the countless health benefits of yoga. An ancient Indian practice, yoga has been attributed to preventing different diseases such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, arthritis and even mental illnesses. In fact, a recent study which was published in the Journal of Clinical [...]

Reducing Mental Health Issues in Teens

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  Many teens today are struggling with mental health issue, such as depression and anxiety. As many as 25% of 8 to 15 year olds in America experienced the effects of a mental health disorder within the past 12 months alone. A new study from Dr. Parricia Conrod of the University of Montreal, offers a [...]

8 Things to Know About Eating Disorders and Reproductive Health

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  It is commonly known that women suffering from eating disorders, or who have suffered from them in the past, are more likely to have reproductive problems. Two new studies, one from the Hjelt Institute in Finland and the other from King's College Institute for Psychiatry in London, provide some statistics to help show the [...]