rebeccaslogoResearch released by the University of Toronto reveals that thousands of Americans suffer from REM Sleep Behavior Disorder, or RBD.  Luckily, the research also shows a light at the end of the tunnel for those that suffer from this horrible disorder.

RBD is a neurological disorder that causes violent twitching and muscle contractions during rapid eye movement sleep, or REM.  Sometimes, these twitches and contractions can be so violent that they lead to serious injuries.

John Peever, an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto, explained that there is a chemical in the brain directly responsible for suppressing muscle twitches in REM sleep.  A lack of glycine in the brain cells that control certain muscles was the root cause of violent muscle contractions that occurred during REM.

Since this study was able to show the “mechanism” responsible for suppressing muscle twitches, doctors are optimistic that better treatment is on the horizon.

While a quick fix does not exist, doctors now understand what causes RBD and feel that glycine is the place to start.