When may you need Marriage Counseling

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Marriage is the beautiful union between two people who vow to love, honor and respect each other as long as they both shall live. Unfortunately, marriage isn’t always easy.  It is very common for married couples to experience bumps in the road and it can be a very hard decision for some people to seek [...]

Rebecca Ginder to start offering sex therapy

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Sexual dysfunction is a common problem among men and women.  Anything can cause a healthy sex life to navigate off course.  Relationship problems, erectile dysfunction and even pain can be reasons cited for a lack of sex among a couple. Rebecca Ginder will soon be offering sexual health treatment to address the aforementioned, and any [...]

The Four Myths of Maturity in Relationships

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Some relationship problems stem from misconceptions about maturity. The question of maturity and “who is the matured one” always manages to pop its head whenever a conflict arises and it becomes a big factor to a relationship’s survival. However, a lot of people have misapprehensions about it and the role it plays in a relationship. [...]

Saying Sorry: Situations Where You Should Apologize

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Being the first one to apologize is hard and that is one of the painful truths of being in a relationship. This holds true when we feel wronged ourselves. But if we want our relationships to survive, apologies are in order. Not only is saying sorry important to maintaining a healthy relationship but it also [...]

Tame Your Anger

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Have you always had problems keeping your anger in check? Is your temper getting in the way of your relationships?

Poor anger management has always been detrimental to any personal and even professional relationship. We’ve all heard of those stories where the wife had to walk on eggshells around her husband or the office manager who’s hated by all his employees. But before you deal your anger, you have to understand how you express your anger. Being aware of your “anger style” is the first step to take. So which style of anger do you have?