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Art Therapy can Prove to be Very Beneficial

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One treatment for addiction, anxiety and emotional exploration is art therapy. Using art media, creativity and the resulting artwork, art therapy focuses on the art-making process as therapeutic. As one of the earliest forms of psychotherapy, art therapy uses the therapist as a translator to interpret what it is the patient is trying to convey [...]

Hope for those with Sleep Behavior Disorder

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Research released by the University of Toronto reveals that thousands of Americans suffer from REM Sleep Behavior Disorder, or RBD.  Luckily, the research also shows a light at the end of the tunnel for those that suffer from this horrible disorder. RBD is a neurological disorder that causes violent twitching and muscle contractions during rapid [...]

Rebecca Ginder to start offering sex therapy

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Sexual dysfunction is a common problem among men and women.  Anything can cause a healthy sex life to navigate off course.  Relationship problems, erectile dysfunction and even pain can be reasons cited for a lack of sex among a couple. Rebecca Ginder will soon be offering sexual health treatment to address the aforementioned, and any [...]