Stress is a part of life. It’s totally inevitable. No matter how prepared you are for a presentation, or how happy you think you might be in a relationship, there’s always that tiniest level of anxiety nagging at the corners. If you’re not ready, it can take over you. But fortunately, even if it’s always present, it’s highly manageable.

Is your anxiety getting in the way of your life? Follow these simple tips:

Find out what’s the biggest source of your stress. Whenever you’re at your worst, it seems like stressful stuff appear from out of nowhere. At some point, you will feel overwhelmed and then end up failing in whatever you originally set out to do for the day.

Instead of letting stress make you fail in your daily endeavors, find out where your stress is coming from. Ask yourself what are you actually stressed about? Is it your family? Your workplace? Your relationship?

By being able to single out the stressors in your life, you will be a step closer to taking action!

Focus on what you can control. Yes, life is uncontrollable. Life is messy. You can’t predict, let alone control, how your boss will react to a presentation you slaved all night for. You can’t tell your in-laws to change their mind about you. But you know what? You can control how you react and what you can accomplish. You can also control what you spend your time and money on.

When you fail trying to do the things you have no control of, you only get more stressed out. Stress makes you feel powerless but taking charge of the things you can change is empowering.

Love what you do and do what you love. Fill your life with activities you love. Surround yourself with positive people who don’t bring you down. If you’re stuck in a job filled with endless stressors, find at least one thing about it which made you take the job in the first place. Love your job for the co-workers you share 8 hours a day with or the paycheck which helps pay off your mortgage on your dream home.

If you feel like your life is on a downswing, try out different activities and choose the ones that make you feel most fulfilled.

Manage the clock. You can’t control how many hours a day there is but you can take hold of it to accomplish what you need. Instead of wishing there are more hours in a day, create a list and maximize how you could manage your time for each activity. Don’t let your to-do list expand beyond control.

When it’s too much, let go of the little stuff. Take a look at your activities for the week and if its’ too much, choose the unimportant ones and take them off your plate. You’re not a superhero. Being an achiever is well and good but everyone has their breaking point. There’s no sense in juggling your career and your personal life and destroying the delicate balance it provides by putting in too many activities which count for too little.

Don’t let these activities steal time away from you and put years’ worth of stressors on your body. Forgetting about the negotiable tasks is like lifting a big weight off your shoulders.

Don’t let yourself become vulnerable. Whether something stresses you out or not depends on your state of mind and body. If you’re not getting enough sleep or exercise, then you’re a likely candidate for stress. Don’t deprive yourself of sleep nor should you succumb to unhealthy habits.

Your overall state of health determines how much you could take before something officially becomes a stressor.


There are plenty more ways to handle stress. These are just the most basic ones you could do on a daily basis to help you cope. Taking control of stress can do wonders for your life. Schedule an appointment with Rebecca Ginder now to learn how.