Everyone achieves relaxation through different mediums and forms. Some people sit in a quiet room and meditate, while others prefer a little retail therapy in a crowded shopping mall.  Aromatherapy is a lesser-known relaxation treatment that uses essential oils extracted from flowers, seeds and roots that play off of our sense of smell.

This alternative type of medicine actually helps to alter a person’s mood, cognitive, psychological or physical wellbeing.  Aromatherapists use blends of different therapeutic oils that can be topically applied to the skin, used during a massage, inhaled or mixed in with a soak.

Essential oils have a relaxation effect that can help alleviate stress.  These relaxants, like lemon oil, lavender and peppermint, help to soothe the mind.

Aromatherapy has been known to treat insomnia and the health problems that come along with it.   Citrus aromas tend to reduce effects of depression, especially when used during a massage.  The smell of sage is used to reduce pain, specifically menstrual pains.  Finally, aromatherapy has been known to help lower blood pressure in patients with hypertension.

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