Human Perception

A Few Tips on Being a Better Communicator

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It takes more to be a good communicator than to simply talk to someone; it is even more important to be a good listener. The way we talk (the tone and the words we choose) is important. Taking note of the other persons cues (both verbal and nonverbal), and attempting to gain understanding of their [...]

We’re All Living in the Past

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Has anyone ever told you to stop living in the past? People say this to one another all the time, but the thing is we can't stop living in the past. To be clear, I'm not talking about pulling out a pair of torn up jeans and a leather jacket for a night out, but rather, the very way we perceive the world. What you know as now is actually the world as it was about 80 milliseconds ago, about 0.08 seconds.

Girls With Math Anxiety: Is It as Real as We Think?

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It is a commonly held perspective that girls experience a higher level of anxiety with regards to math even when demonstrating levels of ability. A new series of studies, however, has shown that while girls may have higher anxiety as a generalized perception of mathematics, they do not exhibit those higher levels during actual math classes and exams.