Most people sleep with a partner in bed. Most people view sleeping with someone as an intimate activity despite sleep being viewed by scientists and researchers as an individual behavior. This resulted to several myths which could allegedly affect a couples’ physical, emotional, and relational health. Here are some of the biggest myths you have probably heard of:

Sex leads to good sleep. This is one of the most unquestioned myths about sleeping together and many people rarely challenge the myth that sex helps people fall asleep more quickly and deeply. Despite the striking lack of evidence to support this myth, scientists still believe this one is based on fact and with the right research, might one day be proven true.

Morning people can’t get along with evening people. Take the case of one couple. One of them sleeps late and wakes up late while the other sleeps a lot earlier and cheerfully wakes up at the crack of dawn but that doesn’t mean they will not be able to successfully share the same bed. Research has found out that mismatched couples who share strong problem-solving skills are at no greater risk for relationship problems compared to couples whose sleep schedules are in sync.

Sleeping apart is the first sign of a failed marriage. Have you ever seen an episode of I Love Lucy? Lucy and Ricky Ricardo sleep in separate beds every night yet their marriage is one of the most enduring ones on television. So what’s so bad when couples sleep separately?  The truth is there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to couples’ sleeping arrangements. Most couples prefer to sleep together but for some partners, sharing a bed can mean sleepless nights for one or both partners and forcing each other to adhere to socially sanctioned norms may cause its own problems.

Snoring is simply a nuisance. It’s a common scenario in any couple’s bedroom. One falls asleep and starts snoring then the other lies in bed, cursing and gives a fierce jab to the ribs to stop the sleep-defying clamor. But snoring isn’t just a nuisance which leads to a jab in the ribs. Healthcare experts believe it’s a cardinal sign of serious health consequences including increased risk for heart disease and stroke.


When it comes to sleep, there is no “one size fits all”. Stick with the sleeping arrangements which work for you and your partner. To enjoy better quality sleep, schedule an appointment with one of South Florida’s top sleep therapist, Rebecca Ginder, now!