Help For You

Do you ever feel guilty for drinking too much? Do you drink to help you unwind after work or to avoid dealing with your feelings? Have you ever thought about curtailing your alcohol consumption?

People often believe their alcohol usage is under control until something bad happens, such as a DUI, hospitalization or a series of blackouts.

If your drinking is causing problems at home or affecting your performance at work, Rebecca Ginder can guide you on a path to overcome your addiction. Rebecca is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the treatment, guidance and support for lasting recovery. Through therapy, you will develop healthier coping skills and know how to confront problems in your personal life that often trigger that first drink. Think about the possibilities with a fresh start and the potential of a life free of addiction.

You do not have to go through this alone. Rebecca Ginder is trained in helping people just like you overcome their addiction. Call today.

Help For Someone You Love

Alcoholism is a disease with effects that go far beyond the addict, leaving a trail of devastation among family members, friends and coworkers. It can be distressing to see the health and well being of someone you’re close to become affected by alcohol abuse. While you can offer valuable support, bear in mind that not all people will readily accept help, or even admit to having a problem. It often takes extreme devastation for someone to be willing to accept help. If someone you care about is caught up in the grips of their addiction, learn more about how you can help when they are ready and how you can help yourself to better understand this disease. Rebecca Ginder is experienced at helping addicts and their families overcome the devastation of alcohol addiction and begin a new way of life. Call Rebecca today to learn more.

Rebecca Ginder - Delray Beach Addiction Counselor