To many, addiction brings to mind an uncontrollable habit of using, or in many cases abusing, alcohol or drugs.  However, we now realize that behaviors such as gambling, food or even self-mutilation or “cutting” can also be addictive.  Often, an addict fails to recognize the harm their addiction is inflicting on themselves and on those who care for them.  This harm is escalated when the person uses their addiction as a coping mechanism for a larger issue, which often is intensified through the addiction.   For example, an alcoholic may be depressed, will have a drink to cheer up, only to be more depressed as an effect of the alcohol.

For years, Rebecca Ginder has worked with alcoholics and addicts of all kinds to help them break their cycle of destructive behavior. Through education and nurturing support, she has led many patients through a transformation so they may lead a life of recovery, sobriety and serenity.

Rebecca Ginder - Delray Beach Addiction Counselor