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Tame Your Anger

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Have you always had problems keeping your anger in check? Is your temper getting in the way of your relationships?

Poor anger management has always been detrimental to any personal and even professional relationship. We’ve all heard of those stories where the wife had to walk on eggshells around her husband or the office manager who’s hated by all his employees. But before you deal your anger, you have to understand how you express your anger. Being aware of your “anger style” is the first step to take. So which style of anger do you have?

Turning Off the Lights and Other Essential Sleeping Tips

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A new study now suggests that sleeping with the lights on is a bad sleeping habit which could lead to a shorter and less relaxing sleep. Reuters reported on the study first which was published in the journal of Sleep Medicine showing how sleeping with the lights on can lead to more frequent waking up [...]