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News Flash! Stress Makes It Harder to Cope with Life

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Yeah I know, none of us knew that already did we?


A recent study published in the journal Proceedings in the National Academy of Sciences has found that even a mild level of stress can reduce the effectiveness of therapeutic techniques for the control of emotions. These techniques focus on altering the approach and thoughts relating to a situation to allow better control of emotions in a situation. An example might be focusing on the positives in a situation that would produce a fear response.

We’re All Living in the Past

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Has anyone ever told you to stop living in the past? People say this to one another all the time, but the thing is we can't stop living in the past. To be clear, I'm not talking about pulling out a pair of torn up jeans and a leather jacket for a night out, but rather, the very way we perceive the world. What you know as now is actually the world as it was about 80 milliseconds ago, about 0.08 seconds.

Don’t Forget the Others

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Behavioral disorders often affect the lives of those suffering from them to a rather severe degree, and it is our job as therapists to help these people to cope with and overcome these difficulties. Sometimes, however, the fates of those who are close to the patent can be overlooked. Children are easily affected by the behaviors of adults, and they are often completely powerless to change their situation-this is especially true of the children of hoarders.

Exercise Relieves Insomnia Over Time

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It’s common advice for people who have trouble sleeping at night that daily exercises will help enhance the quality and duration of sleep. However, despite being a common advice for insomniacs, recent study from the Journal of Sleep Medicine pointed out that exercising today won’t necessarily help them sleep better tonight… or the next night [...]